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(Last update: January 1, 2020)


PDC, Psicologia, Desenvolvimento e Captaรงo Online, Lda is the company that owns the MindFirst brand and is headquartered in Lagoas Park, Edifcio 7, Piso 1, 2740-244 Porto Salvo.

The purpose of this document is to establish the terms of access and use of the MindFirst platform, as well as the applicable usage conditions.

Henceforth, all references to the MindFirst platform will now be referred to as MindFirst.

Henceforth, all future references to citizens who use the platform will be referred to as Users;

Henceforth, all future mentions of citizens service providers on the platform will be referred to as Professionals;



Access Condition

Acceptance of the following principles is required for accessing and browsing MindFirst:

1 - By using MindFirst to explore content or access services, Users expressly declare their full agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

2 - By using MindFirst to explore content or access services, Users expressly declare their informed consent under the terms of the agreement published on the MindFirst platform.

3 - In these terms, acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the MindFirst Platform and the expression of informed consent correspond to the User's declaration of being informed and explicitly accepting MindFirst's operating conditions.

4 - MindFirst reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change, in whole or in part, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the MindFirst Platform.


Access Capability

1 - MindFirst is available to all citizens who have access to the internet network.

2 - Citizens aged 18 and up have access to MindFirst registration in order to contract the services provided.

3 - Citizens under the age of 18 may also register with MindFirst in order to contract the services provided, if they are explicitly authorized by citizens with parental or legal responsibility.

4 - Customers under the age of 18 must express their consent to the use of the services mentioned in the previous number by sending an e-mail with a written, dated, and signed declaration, according to the model in use, to geral@mindfirst.pt.

5 - In the case of counselling or therapy sessions, the Professional may condition the session on the presence of the citizen with parental or legal responsibility for the minor.

6 - When requested by the Professional, the absence of a citizen with parental responsibility in the session of a minor User may result in the session being cancelled without any obligation to return the payment made.


Artº 3

Available services

1 - MindFirst provides Users a well-organized set of services, structured as follows:


1.1. -In the field of Psychology:

a) Counselling Sessions;

b) Therapy Sessions;

1.2. -In the field of Well-being:

a) Nutritional Advice Consultations

b) MindFulness Sessions;

c) Yoga sessions;

1.3. - Within the scope of training:

a) Coaching Sessions

b) Training conferences;

c) Training courses;

d) Other events related to health, development, and training;

2 - The provision of the services mentioned in the preceding number presupposes acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as any specific conditions that professionals may determine, which will always be subject to prior notification to Users.

3 - All Terms and Conditions of Use of the MindFirst Platform are subject to the laws of the Portuguese Republic, as well as professional service providers' ethical and deontological standards.


Artº 4

Data usage

1 - By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use of the MindFirst Platform, the User declares himself to be receptive to contacts made by MindFirst within the scope of the company's activity.

2 - For the purposes of the previous number, these contacts include those relating to the scheduling or execution of sessions, the evaluation of services and professionals, a posteriori client follow-up, and the dissemination of initiatives within the scope of MindFirst's activity.

3 - Users may, if they so desire, request clarification on the use of personal data by emailing geral@mindfirst.pt.

4 - Data collected within the scope of MindFirst's activity is treated in accordance with the policies outlined in the Privacy and Security Policy, which is available for consultation on this website, and always in accordance with applicable Community and Portuguese legislation.


Artº 5

MindFirst Rights

MindFirst reserves the following rights:

1 - Suspend or terminate, permanently or temporarily, partially or completely, according to its own will or need, at any time and without prior notice, the platform in use.

2 - Claim intellectual property on all MindFirst contents across multiple platforms, except those resulting from links to external sites and others whose sources and authorship are clearly indicated.

3 - The rights mentioned in the previous number include those affecting the site's structure, texts, films, photographs, and logos.


Artº 6

MindFirst Duties

For the purposes of developing the activity and relationship with Users, MindFirst's duties are as follows:

1 - Examine the academic credentials and professional credentials of professionals who provide services through the platform.

2 - Ensure compliance with applicable ethical and deontological standards, as well as adherence to technical guidelines issued by the entities in charge of regulating professional activities conducted via MindFirst.

3 - Make available the necessary technological resources to carry out the contracted acts in conditions that allow the user to have effective sessions.

4 - Develop the necessary actions required to guarantee cyber security.

5 - Provide all clarifications that have been legitimately presented by Users.

6 - Proceed with the refund of amounts paid for services that, under the terms of this document, may eventually be canceled.


Artº 7

User Rights

The user benefits from the following rights as a result of the interaction with MindFirst:

1- Gain access to MindFirst registered professionals, with the assurance that they are qualified and trained in their respective fields of expertise.

2- Be reimbursed under the terms of this document if a scheduled session is not held due to technical issues that are not attributable to the User but are attributable to MindFirst.

3- Exercise the right, at any time, to deletion and erasure of the available data, except in cases where the preservation of such data is required by law.


Artº 8

User Duties

For navigational purposes, registration, and access to services provided through the MindFirst platform, the user duties are as follows:

1- Provide accurate and up-to-date information whenever professionals request it, through registration process and administrative services, as well as other interactions that may occur through MindFirst, accepting responsibility if the data's accuracy and veracity are not verified.

2- Provide true and accurate information for billing purposes for MindFirst services.

3- Save the platform access data while keeping the appropriate reservations, which are personal and non-transferable.


4- Communicate with professionals using appropriate language, either verbally or in writing.

5- Ensure the technical conditions of access to MindFirst's services, namely equipment and internet service, without which MindFirst will not be liable for incapacity or deficiency in access.

6 - Use the technological capabilities provided by MindFirst solely for the purposes for which they were provided.

7- Be mindful of intellectual property rights when using MindFirst content.


Artº 9

Session scheduling and execution

1 - Consultations are preceded in order by the following acts on the client's part:

  1. Performing the registration;

  2. Statement of Agreement and Acceptance of Informed Consent, MindFirst Platform Terms and Conditions, and Privacy and Security Policy Terms.

  3. Professional selection;

  4. Scheduling;

  5. Payment completion.

2 - Following payment, the Customer is notified via email of the payment confirmation and appointment confirmation.

3 - If necessary, the client may request a rescheduling of the session with a minimum of 24 hours' notice.

4 - In the event of a cancellation, the amount paid may be refunded if the cancellation is communicated within 24 hours of the session.

5 - Failure to comply with the 24-hour period in advance implies non-refund of the amount paid for the purposes of the provisions of numbers 3 and 4 of this article.

6 - On the scheduled day and time, the link to the video conference system is sent to the user.

7- The User and Professional access the platform sequentially by initiating their respective sessions.

8 - If the User does not attend the session at the scheduled time, a 15-minute grace period will be granted before the session is cancelled with no right to a refund.

9 - If the User attends the session, even if there is a delay, it will take place during the session's remaining time, taking into account the time originally scheduled.

10 - If there is any delay on the part of the professional, the client may request a refund of the amount paid, in which case the session being cancelled in this case.


Artº 10

Payments and returns

1 - Payments made by users for contracted services will be made through MindFirst's available channels.

2 - Payment is made in advance and must be made up to 24 hours before the appointment/session takes place. Only with the effective payment and receipt of the same, the session will be effectively confirmed.

3 - The User has the option to cancel the scheduled session up to 24 hours before the start time.

4 - Cancellation of the session under the terms mentioned in the previous number results in a credit for the service in the same amount, on a date to be determined, depending on the User's and Professional's availability.

5 - If a scheduled session cannot be held due to technical issues beyond the User's control, the User has the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.

6 - There is no refund of the amount paid by the user if a scheduled session is not completed due to technical or other reasons attributable to the User.


Artº 11

Personal Data Processing

1 - MindFirst strictly adheres to the applicable legal and community standards for data treatment and protection.

2 - MindFirst develops appropriate efforts to preserve information security and data security against potential cyber attacks.


Artº 12

Data distribution

MindFirst will be able to make data provided by the user available, but only if a national authority with competitiveness decides to do so.


Artº 13

Exclusivity of liability

1- MindFirst is not liable for third-party intentional damages or irregularities that may constitute a crime, such as identity theft or unauthorized access to data.

2 - MindFirst is not liable for service outages caused by the use of out-of-date technology by the user.

3 - MindFirst is not liable for technical flaws caused by third parties, such as energy and internet service providers, which are critical to the proper operation of the services.

4 - MindFirst is not responsible for the contents of third-party sites accessible via links on this platform, nor does it subscribe to their contents; its use is solely the responsibility of the Users.


Artº 14


1 - All of the content on the MindFirst platform is the property of MindFirst, Services of Psychology, Development, and Online Capacity, Lda, with all rights reserved under the law.

2 - MindFirst, Serviços de Psicologia, Desenvolvimento e Capacitaço Online, Lda reserves the right to sue agents for any violation or abuse of intellectual property usurpation.


Artº 15

Litigation and enabling legislation

1- All services provided by MindFirst are subject to Portuguese and European Union legislation.

2- In the event of disagreement or litigation, a procedure will be initiated in collaboration with the competent Portuguese legal institutions.


Artº 16

Final dispositions

1 - The framework of all matters that are not explicitly mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the MindFirst Platform will be subject to the applicable Portuguese and Community legislation, as well as the regulatory and guiding provisions of the regulatory bodies of the professions that work on the platform.

2 - The Foro da Comarca de Sintra has been designated to hear any disputes arising from the MindFirst relationship.

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