Mindfirst is an accessible and reliable partner for those who seek help in the areas of Psychology, Coaching and MindFulness.

Mindfirst is a simple and intuitive electronic platform that is available on desktop or mobile devices. It is extremely simple to use.

Through a wide range of duly accredited psychologists and coaches, Mindfirst intends to contribute to a more balanced, fair and healthy society, becoming a reference in the psychology and well-being field.


Our Vision

MindFirst will be recognized as a brand of excellence, a leader in the online practice of psychology and personal development, acting in a reliable, accessible, comfortable and secure way.


Our Mission

To facilitate the access to online therapy, promoting support and emotional development, through top-tier psychologists and coaches, thus contributing to the construction of a healthier and happier community.

MindFirst's Mission will be carried out in accordance with the most rigorous ethical and deontological standards.


MindFirst values

We develop our activity within a framework of high ethical and deontological rigor, subordinating the provision of services to the following values.


From the entire network of psychologists and coaches, who are committed to quality, ethics and professional deontology.


Of the data, with all collected information being encrypted and treated in compliance with applicable legal requirements, namely with regard to confidentiality and the right to be erased and forgotten;


Regarding its access, allowing sessions to take place at the scheduled time, from anywhere in the globe;


Scientific expertise of the professionals who are selected through proof of specific advanced training and relevant experience.


Technical Direction

Cecília Almeida

Clinical psychologist

OPP Professional Certificate No. 15510



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