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Psychology is concerned with emotional, behavioral, and self-awareness issues. Coaching is a human development process that helps you discover and leverage your resources through methods and techniques. It focuses on training to achieve personal goals. Contact a coach if you are unhappy in any aspect of your life, whether professional, personal, social, relationships, physical, health, leisure, or otherwise. Talk to us if you're not sure what kind of follow-up you require.
Mindfulness is a mental practice that teaches people how to manage their thoughts and emotions. The majority of our lives are consumed by memories of the past and anxieties about the future. In a state of mindfulness, you can focus on the present moment, be aware of your emotions, body, and surroundings, and redirect your energies to the here and now. Try practicing mindfulness if you want to learn to stop, turn off autopilot, or prevent or reduce depressive symptoms, anxiety, stress, or chronic pain.
Yes. The Portuguese Psychologists Association recognizes the effectiveness of conducting online psychology sessions. Several studies have been published in recent years that demonstrate the efficacy and effectiveness of ICT-mediated psychological interventions (Andersson, 2016; Andersson & Cuijpers, 2009; Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim, & Shapira, 2008; Olthuis, Watt, Bailey, Hayden, & Stewart, 2016; Richards & Richardson, 2012). These have been shown to be as effective as face-to- face interventions in the treatment of a wide range of functional changes and psychological disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, depression, and eating disorders, among others.
You must first register using the register option. Confirm that you are using a compatible browser and operating system, and that the camera and microphone are not disabled (see "Technological prerequisites" page in the footer). Then select the professional, view the available times, and schedule the session at the time that works best for you. Make the payment by choosing a payment method, and entering the required information. You will receive an email 10 minutes before the session with a link to the personal area. Enter the room and start the conversation with the expert. Enjoy the session.
It can be addressed via videoconferencing, chat, or audio. Before booking a session, ensure that the chosen professional offers the services you require.
According to the Portuguese Psychologists Association's Guidelines for the Provision of Psychology Services Mediated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the provision of ICT- mediated services has several advantages when compared to face-to-face interventions or when associated with this type of intervention, of which we highlight: "(1) accessibility (being within reach of a large portion of the population, particularly those living in rural or remote areas, or those whose symptoms or physical condition translate into mobility difficulties, or whose hospital/clinical environment entails negative associations that prevent them from receiving the care they require); (2) flexibility and convenience (allowing asynchronous access to healthcare, not depending on the opening hours of healthcare facilities or the availability of healthcare professionals, eliminating waiting times and avoiding costly travel); 3) high adaptability (the content of intervention programs and the way they are presented can be easily adapted to the needs and limitations of their users)…;”
Online psychological care is indicated in a variety of situations, including anxiety, sadness, depressive symptoms, fear, guilt, loss or grief, relationship difficulties, and low self-esteem, among many others.Schedule an appointment, and the psychologist will assess whether your case can be answered online.
The Psychologist is obliged to comply with the code of ethics, maintaining the confidentiality of the information shared during the consultation. However, online psychological care does not have absolute guarantees when using electronic media, as it is subject to violations that are beyond the professional's control. The vulnerability of the internet must be taken into account, so it is important that the customer ensure the security of his equipment, by installing programs that detect threats and not using public computers to carry out the sessions.
Yes. Under current EU and Portuguese laws, the data subject has the right to be erased as well as the right to be forgotten.
After you have paid, you can request a rescheduling of the session with at least 24 hours notice. In the event of a cancellation, the amount paid may be refunded if the cancellation is communicated within 24 hours of the session. Failure to comply with the 24-hour notice period means that the amount paid will not be refunded.
To carry out an online consultation, you will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as an internet connection with enough signal to make the online connection.
Yes. Also, when practicing online psychology, psychology professionals must follow the ethical principles and deontological standards enshrined in the Deontological Code that governs the profession and is published in Diário da Repblica, 2nd series, no 246/2 on December 26, 2016.
The client must be informed of the informed consent before beginning an online consultation. Informed consent is a document that addresses various issues such as the registration and treatment of information obtained, the level of security and risks that may occur in specific situations as a result of the use of these technologies by the psychologist or the client, the services provided and thepayments due, and the limitations of the psychological intervention process using new technologies, among other things.
When a session is interrupted, the psychologist makes a phone call within 5 minutes of the interruption. If it is absolutely impossible to ensure the continuity of the interaction, the session must be rescheduled.
Yes, you can conduct your session from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, as with most websites, you must confirm that you are using a browser and an operating system that is compatible. You should also make certain that your device's settings and antivirus software do not prevent access to the camera and audio. Consult the "Technological prerequisites" page at the bottom of the website's main page to ensure that you meet the technical requirements to carry out your session comfortably and effectively.

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