The Cookies Policy provides information on the collection of elements in order to improve your platform browsing experience.

(Date of last update: 01/01/2020)

1. Cookies – What are they?

Cookies are files placed on the user's device when browsing the internet and which contain a number that allows the user's computer to be identified.

Cookies are typically installed during internet navigation by websites visited by the user, facilitating the user's activity on the platform.

MindFirst can be accessed without cookies being enabled. Disabling Cookies, on the other hand, may impair your browsing experience.


2. Explicit consent to the use of Cookies

Every MindFirst user or visitor acknowledges that they are aware of, and expressly consent to, the use of Cookies to improve navigability and, therefore, the browsing experience.

Cookies also enable MindFirst to collect data that allows the platform to be adapted to the needs and preferences expressed by users' navigation patterns.


3. Types of Cookies used on the Web

MindFirst may use cookies in order to facilitate navigation on the platform.

Generally, Cookies are classified into the following categories:

- Permanent Cookies

- Session Cookies

Permanent cookies are stored on various user devices in the browser. They are intended to assist in directing navigation based on the specific interests of each user.

Session cookies: These are cookies that remain in your browser's cookie settings until you leave the platform. In this case, the information gathered will be used to analyse browsing patterns, allowing problems to be identified and improving the user's browsing experience.

In these groups there are the following types of Cookies:

Analytical Cookies;

Functionality cookies;

Necessary cookies;

Third-party cookies;

Advertising Cookies.


MindFirst uses the following cookies:


Cookie ID Duration Function
 _ga  2 years  Used to distinguish users

4. If they wish, users can ask any questions about the Privacy Policy. Cookies by contacting us via email address

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